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20th January 2014

Aitor Throup appointed creative director of Damon Albarn’s first solo album ‘Everyday Robots’


Globally acclaimed artist and designer, Aitor Throup, has creatively directed the visual concepts and artwork for Damon Albarn’s first solo album and single, ‘Everyday Robots’.

The album lead title track ‘Everyday Robots’ is accompanied by a video; a digital portrait of Albarn directed by Throup which uses CGI software showing actual cranial scans and facial reconstruction techniques to explore and reveal the process of building a uniquely personal portrait of an artist and individual.

Throup has used a unique approach in creating and directing the video by precisely synching an edit of the digitally captured facial reconstruction process, showing the digitised anatomy of Albarn’s head. The result is a beautiful digital sculptural piece representing an idea extracted from a lyric in the title track.

The focus was to represent Damon Albarn as an individual: as a person and an artist, in the most direct way possible, showing the very tangible layers to his work, which merges authenticity and complexity with instant simplicity and a unique balance between nature and technology.

The video is a metaphor of Albarn’s work being the result of many elements informing the final product. Like an anatomical study, the result of the eventual piece is a direct result of everything that informs it, everything it represents.

Throup commented, “I spent a lot of time with Damon in the studio, and I really wanted to capture his intentions and messages while proposing a unique way to convey them visually. There are specific lyrics that strike me, and particularly his analysis of how we are at times like robots, everyday on our phones ‘looking like standing stones’. I was really interested in the idea of how the challenge of living with technology has turned us into repeats of the same. It’s a sort of individual statement on the loss of individuality through technology, done in a way that at the same time not only embraces it, but is dependent on it.’

The video receives its world broadcast premiere tonight on the Sundance Channel (10:45PM EST on dual feed cable; 7:45PM PST on DIRECTV and DISH).

The album cover, shot by Throup, is also a personal portrait of Albarn and an interpretation of him ‘going solo’ – with Albarn surrounded by a clean empty space, emphasising the singularity of the solo artist. And like the video, it also contrasts a serious tone with a more playful, experimental one.

‘Everyday Robots’ will be released by Parlophone on 28th Recorded last year at Albarn’s West London studio 13, Everyday Robots is produced by Richard Russell of XL, with whom Damon produced Bobby Womack’s ‘The Bravest Man In The Universe’- and features guest appearances from Brian Eno and Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes).

Led by title track ‘Everyday Robots’, the 12 songs here invite the listener into Albarn’s world for a genuine ‘one-to-one’ and are the most soul-searching and autobiographical since his musical journey began: a career that started with Blur and spans Gorillaz, The Good, The Bad & The Queen, Mali Music, Monkey: Journey To The West, Dr Dee and Africa Express.

The songs’ subject matter is more directly personal than before and is inspired by Albarn’s experiences from early childhood to now, including the trappings of our modern existence, computer games, mobile phones and nature versus technology.

Damon Albarn will headline at Latitude Festival on Saturday 19th July 2014 with a band including guitarist Seye, drummer Pauli The PSM, bassist Jeff Wootton and Mike Smith on keyboards.

‘Everyday Robots’ will be available as a digital download, CD and 12” vinyl.

The full tracklisting is:

1) Everyday Robots
2) Hostiles
3) Lonely Press Play
4) Mr Tembo
5) Parakeet
6) The Selfish Giant
7) You And Me
8) Hollow Ponds
9) Seven High
10) Photographs (You Are Taking Now)
11) The History Of A Cheating Heart
12) Heavy Seas Of Love

Further information on Damon Albarn and Everyday Robots: Brídín Murphy Mitchell -

bridin@rmplondon.co.uk / 0208 749 7999 www.damonalbarnmusic.com www.latitudefestival.co.uk


Everyday Robots – Single Cover
Design and art direction by Aitor Throup
CGI Production by Passion Pictures

Everyday Robots – Album Cover
Design and art direction by Aitor Throup
Photography by Aitor Throup
Photography Technician: Charles Moriarty

Everyday Robots – Video
Video concept and direction by Aitor Throup
Editor: Giorgio Gremigni (The Butchers)